The Tokyo Olympics are officially kicking off, and a specially invited expert team will take you to “guess” the Chinese Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which arrived a year late, began. As the first time in history that the Olympics were postponed, the event will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, sporting events around the world have been greatly impacted. Under such circumstances, athletes around the world are facing a readjustment of training rules and competition rules. The challenges are very serious
The influence of the Olympics continues to rise in the context of the epidemic
Sporting events, especially leading events such as the Olympics, have extremely high commercial value. Not only can they attract many advertising investors, but they can also boost domestic employment and boost tourism. The host country's infrastructure construction will develop rapidly. Especially in the current context where the global pandemic continues to spread, the value of leading events will become even more precious. It can be said that a top event is critical to the development of the host country/host city over the next 10 years. The 2008 Beijing Olympics is the best proof. A large amount of infrastructure was completed in a short period of time, and Beijing, the Huanjing region, and even the whole of China have developed by leaps and bounds.
According to foreign media analysis, in the US and the UK, the main audience for this year's Tokyo Olympics will be 60% of Internet users. They plan to watch the Olympic games live on TV, even on a paid model. In terms of age distribution, older users are generally not interested in paying to watch the game, but are more keen to watch the game live. Of course, under the current special conditions, TV and internet media are likely to experience a small peak in ratings. This situation will continue until the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Qatar World Cup.
The value of top IPs in the post-pandemic era will further expand. For the first time in history, the European Cup, the Olympics, and the World Cup at the end of next year, the top three sports IPs have started in just one year. All major platforms should seize this once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity.
The Tokyo Olympics are officially kicking off, and a specially invited expert team will take you to “guess” the Chinese Olympics
Soccer lottery is on sale, basketball gameplay continues to be popular in the European Cup
Soccer and basketball are the sports with the widest audience, the highest level of professionalization, and the highest level of attention in the world. Of course, they are getting a lot of attention at this Olympics. The China Lottery will also officially sell many soccer and basketball events for fans and lottery players to participate in the game.
Every time there is a competition, the event goes beyond sports and becomes an “entertainment show”. The entertaining nature of sports is reflected in its high level of drama, unpredictability, and suspense. The European Cup has just ended, and many fans and lottery players have had another carnival. This spectacular event will continue in this Olympics.
The Crazy Red List App, a knowledge-paying platform owned by Crazy Sports (00082.HK), will continue to provide users with predictive game analysis and prediction during the Olympics, including not only soccer and basketball events that sports fans are interested in, but also forward-looking analysis and results prediction of the Chinese team's dominant projects such as volleyball, badminton, and table tennis that sports fans are concerned about.
Among the specially invited experts were not only famous sports media figures and commentators such as Ma Dexing, Zhu Xiaoyu, and Li Ge, but also retired players such as Gong Lei, Li Weifeng, Jiao Jian, and Zhang Yunsong. They have been in the industry for many years and have rich media information acquisition channels. These experiences and resources will greatly help analyze and predict events, and bring users exclusive opinions and interpretations.
The Tokyo Olympics are officially kicking off, and a specially invited expert team will take you to “guess” the Chinese Olympics
The Chinese delegation has obvious advantages, and foreign media forecast 33 gold
The total number of Chinese sports delegates to the Tokyo Olympics was 777, including 431 athletes (298 female athletes and 133 male athletes), 307 sports team staff including coaches, team leaders, medical personnel, etc., and 39 team staff. The coaches include 30 foreign teachers from 19 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, covering 17 sports including athletics, rowing, water polo, and rugby. The Tokyo Olympics is the largest Olympic Games for the Chinese sports delegation to participate in from abroad. The average age of athletes is 25.4 years old. The youngest is Quan Hongchan from the diving team, 14 years old, and the oldest is Li Zhenqiang from the equestrian team, 52 years old.
Female track and field athlete Gong Lijiao, female taekwondo athlete Wu Jingyu, male shooter Pang Wei, and male trampoliner Dong Dong will participate in the Olympics for the fourth time. They are the athletes who have participated in the Olympics the most times in the delegation.
Among the athletes, 24 were Olympic champions in 11 sports, 19 of whom were Rio Olympic champions, including Cao Yuan, Zhao Shuai, Shi Zhiyong, Zhu Ting, Zhong Tianshi, Ma Long, and Chen Long.
This year's Olympics has a total of 33 major events and 339 minor events. The Chinese sports delegation signed up for 30 major events and 225 minor events other than surfing, baseball, softball, and handball, making it the most number of overseas minor events. Among them, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, diving, figure swimming, trampoline, archery, kayaking, hydrotherapy, modern pentathlon, mountain biking, golf, three-person basketball, and rock climbing are all registered for the competition.
Gracenote, a subsidiary of the famous statistics company Nielsen, made a prediction on the Tokyo Olympics gold medal list. They believe that the Chinese delegation will win 33 gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Among these, the Chinese delegation has the ability to win gold medals in events such as diving, women's volleyball, shooting, table tennis, weightlifting, women's shot put, badminton mixed doubles, and swimming. In addition, in niche events such as taekwondo, sailing and windsurfing, the Chinese team also has a chance to win gold.
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