It's a heavy pound! Meta-Universe Football is launched all over the world! Crazy sports is really going "crazy"!

Hong Kong-listed company Crazy Sports (0082.HK) announced today that it has reached a cooperation with Beijing Qiyu Education and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qiyu) to officially launch the "meta-universe" strategy.
According to public data, the partner of Crazy Sports this time is the first game research and development team in China to contact the "meta-universe first share" Roblox and develop games using Roblox. In 2019, Roblox and its Chinese agent Tencent jointly launched the Chinese version of "Robles", and the team reached a cooperation with Tencent. In January 2021, Qiyu officially signed a contract with Robles, responsible for the maintenance of the developer community, the establishment and implementation of the training and education strategy for Chinese developers, and established a stable cooperative relationship with Tencent and Robles.
Recently, the concept of "meta-universe" is so popular that it is regarded as the next generation Internet, representing a fully immersive three-dimensional digital environment and a more inclusive cyberspace. At the present stage, the game that pursues the sensory experience of the virtual world has been closest to the prototype of "meta-universe". Crazy sports has been ploughing the field of sports games for many years, with the two major IP of Chinese Super League and FIFPro (International Federation of Professional Football players). Promoting the combination of top sports IP and meta-universe will stimulate unlimited imagination.
It is reported that Crazy Sports is expected to be the first to launch a meta-universe football game, which will be carefully built by a senior R & D team and open to Chinese and global users. After that, Crazy Sports will launch more meta-cosmic games one after another, including football, basketball, billiards, racing games, etc., and strive to create a small universe of crazy series of sports games.
Crazy sports, which has been ploughing the sports industry for many years, has its own judgment and understanding of the development trend of "meta-universe". During the Wuzhen Summit of the World Internet Conference in 2021, Zhang Lijun, chairman of Crazy Sports Group, talked about his thinking on the concept of "meta-universe" and was optimistic about the application and development of "meta-universe" in the sports industry. In Zhang Lijun's view, the sports industry will undergo a subversive reshaping under the blessing of the meta-universe.
"first, anything is possible in the virtual world. With glasses, you can experience climbing Mount Everest, skiing and swimming. Meta-universe subverts the environmental constraints of real sports behavior, without obstacles and boundaries; second, there will be subversive innovation in the types and methods of sports events, and the richness and diversity of the sports industry will also be stimulated. Third, and most crucially, it may give rise to giants in the sports industry. After the technical elements of meta-universe are added to the sports industry, the growth mode of the sports industry will change, and it will be able to enter a rapid outbreak of high-profit growth. "
In the future, how to establish a commercial closed loop covering technology, business model, application scenario, operating mechanism and transaction mechanism under the blessing of meta-universe will be the key direction of crazy sports exploration. For example, Crazy Sports plans to try to implant electronic rope skipping into the meta-universe environment, which will produce some application scenarios when skipping rope, such as organizing a company's online rope skipping competition, which is more convenient and interesting than in the past, not only independent of the venue, epidemic situation, and time.
As a digital sports and entertainment group that always adheres to the business of enabling science and technology, Crazy Sports said that the "meta-universe" strategy will promote the company's continuous pursuit of scientific and technological innovation, lead the development of the industry, build new business modes, and further promote digital transformation. provide users with a better experience.
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