Meet two 10 billion-level industries, sports knowledge payment platform crazy red list to welcome the "super opportunity"

Five years ago, payment for knowledge was a new word in China; five years later, payment for knowledge has become a daily practice for Chinese people.
Since different modes of knowledge payment platforms such as "get APP" and "Zhihu Inc. LIVE" emerged in 2016, China has officially entered the era of knowledge payment.
Under the background that the country pays more and more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, with the continuous development of Internet science and technology, especially the means of mobile payment is becoming more and more convenient, paying for knowledge has become something that people can achieve "easily", and the thinking of "paying to acquire knowledge" has gradually become a habit.
The essence of knowledge payment is to package knowledge into products or services and realize the commercial realization of knowledge. According to the investigation and Analysis report on the Operation and Development and user behavior of China's knowledge payment Industry in 2020, the scale of China's knowledge payment industry reached 39.2 billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to reach 67.5 billion yuan in 2021.
Last year, the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic brought new development opportunities for the knowledge payment industry. Ai media data show that 63.1% of Chinese users bought knowledge-paid products during the epidemic prevention and control period.
The broad market demand and prospects promote the development of knowledge payment in the direction of specialization and verticalization, and the business realization model is becoming more and more abundant and mature. At present, knowledge payment platforms in China are mainly divided into vertical platforms and integrated platforms, covering various vertical subdivision fields.
In the field of sports, Hong Kong main board listed companiesCrazy Sports Group (82.HK)Its knowledge payment service platform "Crazy Red list" is one of the best. The knowledge payment content of Crazy Red list focuses on head events such as football and basketball, including the five major European leagues, NBA and other international top leagues, as well as World Cup, European Cup, European Champions League and other events, providing users with rich match information, match data, video and audio services and live streaming services, while signing up well-known event analysts to provide paid event forecasting.
After years of development, Crazy Red list has built a powerful matrix of content + users + channels + AI big data, which not only provides users with personalized and high-quality content through big data technology and more than 300 sports experts, but also expands the channel cooperation territory by nearly 40, including Migu, Tencent sports and other well-known flow platforms, covering more sports lottery tickets and users to achieve content output and joint distribution.
Looking back on the 2018 World Cup, it can be called a turning point in the field of payment for sports knowledge, and the crazy red list has entered the fast lane of development. With its better-than-expected performance in 2018, Crazy Red list first became the "Top Ten knowledge paid APP" selected by Ai Media Consulting, and then was named "No. 1" in the related field in the "Annual Comprehensive Analysis of China's online Sports Market 2019" released by Analysys.
After settling down a large number of users, in addition to continuing to output high-quality paid content and expanding cooperation channels, Crazy Red list also began to focus on product innovation and enhance user experience. for example, the new experts and users provide one-to-one paid voice advice, online Q & An and one-to-many paid room model.
Nowadays, the payment for knowledge is still in the "golden age", and the payment for sports knowledge will also usher in a rare opportunity. The national 14th five-year Plan puts forward the goal that the scale of China's sports industry will reach 5 trillion yuan by 2025, coupled with the coming super sports cycle (the National Games, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Qatar World Cup and the Chengdu Universiade, etc.). This will certainly stimulate the sports industry to achieve great-leap-forward development, including payment for sports knowledge.
In the long run, the field of sports event information service, which is at the intersection of tens of billions of industries of sports and knowledge payment, may be expected to produce new tens of billions of products.
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